For your Mobile Oil Change Business to be successful, you need a high volume of customers, and to do that, your Mobile Oil Change Equipment must be fast and reliable. Sage Oil Vac Lube Equipment is designed to make oil changes quick and easy, while offering a low maintenance and reliable system.
Sage Oil Vac Lube Equipment requires very little maintenance because there are no traditional air-driven pumps that can wear out and fail.  Instead, Sage Oil Vac Equipment utilizes an air compressor to create vacuum and pressure in the product tanks.  
The Sage Oil Vac system means easy operation for the Oil Change Technician. The Barrel Straw, Used Filter Receptacle and Spring Retractable Hose Reels allow for easy and clean operation.
A Sage Oil Vac system can mean a 100% enclosed method of fluid evacuation, eliminating costly spills. When used with quick connect fittings or a Dipstick Tube Kit, the patented vacuum and pressure process ensures that maintenance professionals never come into contact with harmful contaminants found in used motor oil. Once used oil is vacuumed into the system, the sealed tank eliminates the chance of dirt and foreign materials contaminating the used oil. The result - clean used motor oil that is very desirable by recyclers.
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2M063 Lube Skid
(1) 60 gallon used fluid tank
(2) 30 gallon new fluid tanks 6 HP gas air compressor
Used Filter Receptacle

Control Panel
25' hoses on spring retractable reels
25' air hose

Width: 45"

Length: 72"

Height: 48"
Empty weight: 1025 lbs

Max. Operating weight: 1900 lbs

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